Do you like Rebel (Sound Academy)?

Steel Panther

6th December 2017 - Wednesday 19:00

Steel Panther, L.A’s sensational comedy-glam metal artists, are bringing their signature sounds to Rebel (Sound Academy)!

The band was formed in the Sunset Strip in the early 2000s under the name Metal Shop (later changed to Metal Skool). The line-up consisted of vocalist Ralph Saenz (aka Michael Starr), drummer Darren Leader (aka Stix Zadinia), bassist Travis Haley (aka Lexxi Foxx), and guitarist Russ Parrish (aka Satchel). They’d play covers of glam metal hits while parodying the bands who performed those hits. Their antics got them noticed and lead to sold-out shows and some unexpected brushes with mainstream success. As they became more popular, the Hollywood crowd began attending their shows, and this led to the band appearing in a Discover Card advertisement as Danger Kitty, and in the sitcom Drew Carey Show as themselves. They changed their name to Steel Panther in 2008, got a record deal, and released their debut studio album (Feel the Steel) a year later. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Comedy chart and hit #98 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Don’t miss your chance to see the artists who satirically pretend to be a glam metal band that missed its big break in the 80s!